How do we recommend you should use your air con ?

It is a true and well known fact that using your air con can reduce your fuel consumption, however it is a less known fact that so can driving with your windows open. Air Conditioning should be used with your windows closed. The benefit with air conditioning is that you can control the temperature inside the car. The air will also be much less dusty, low on pollen as well as being dry.

We recommend that you have your ac refrigerant level checked and an anti- bacterial treatment carried out at least every other year, this will help to reduce your fuel consumption by allowing the compressor to perform at its optimum efficiency, and make sure you are getting the best performance from you air conditioning system whilst maintaining its hygene.

If you are entering your car and it is very hot inside , try this......
     Switch your ac to full cold and switch on the recirc button (this means the system is only trying to cool the air already in the car ). After a few minutes you will feel the temperature dropping. When it gets to a comfortable level switch off the recirc button and adjust the temperature to suit.

It is important to note that you should not use the recirc button for prolonged periods, it can cause dehydration.

Please read our system Recharging section and System Servicing sections for more information about maintaining your air conditioning system