Two Ways You Can Save
We find that many of our customers could have saved money by coming direct to us.
Usually this is because they have used a fast fit or a garage that although can carry out a re-gas are not trained or experienced enough to diagnose faults and carry out repairs, and on the occasions they do, they are carried out incorrectly.
This then means that before we start we have to recheck their work incurring costs that could have been avoided had the vehicle come straight to us.
Our 2nd Way to Save!
               A Unique Offer to You.
If we carry out a recharge to you vehicle's AC system and within 8 weeks you develop a leak, we will carry out a free** system recharge.
Until now this offer has only been available to earlier type systems, the great news is that we can now offer this to R1234yf systems too.

This is subject to us carrying out all necessary repairs that your system requires prior to being recharged again.
We also offer up to a 2 year / 24,000 mile warranty* on our repairs


It is environmentally unfriendly and illegal to put refrigerant into a vehicle if you know or suspect there to be a leak in it.
*Terms and conditions apply
**Charges may apply to limited vehicles with large AC system capacities eg 1kg and above (r134a) ,500g and above for R1234yf systems